Experience Elite Football Training at French Football Academies


Visit the gorgeous French Riviera to become immersed in to the French culture while enhancing your football skills. Studying abroad prepares students to consider creatively and meet people they’d haven’t met.

“Football is performed around the globe,” stated EduKick France-HIFA student Sebastian Anselmo. “The machine from the game, positions in the game and various coverage between your players have grown to be worldwide.”

Workout sessions are organized to advance the player’s technique to be able to progress to various teams. Student-players possess the contact with different levels for the way their skills progress. Technique is essential in French football. The best players are adopted by agents. This is an amazing chance for players when agents contact scouts in the future see a game.

“You need to reveal that students learn French and can speak French,” stated Anselmo. “EduKick France encourages integration inside the team to construct relationships using the other players who’re from around the globe.”

EduKick France is situated in Cannes, probably the most cultural metropolitan areas from the French Riviera. Student-players attend classes in the Worldwide College of Cannes, located directly across in the beach. The campus is breath-taking throughout the winter.

Football learning France brings both academic and sports aspects together to organize students for top achievement. Dealing with bi-lingual coaches at EduKick France enables a student to understand french while keeping their native accent.